Meet Our Additional Characters

"If one could make alive again for other people some cobwebbed skein of old dead intrigues and breathe breath and character into dead names and stiff portraits. That is history to me!" ~George Macaulay Trevelyan

rent a professional historical character
Break away from the ordinary and create a unique perspective of Medieval life, by listening to a Castle Architect explain life, customs, art, tools and more of the time. The Reformation was an age of great change and development. Learn about these changes from one of the most influential men of that time--Martin Luther! more>>
Delight your audience's ears and edutain them with the sounds of the Russian folk instrument, the balalaika, played by the friendly and talented Russian Cossack. Click here for a sample. David has played for the Russian Symphony Orchestra of Milwaukee for several years and is one of the few balalaika players in the State. more>>
Remember the days of the wild West with gunfighter, Col. Douglas Mortimer. Everyone loves cowboys and to hear about the "Days of Old," and your audience will be no exception! Feel like you are transported to a simpler time, hearing stories around the campfire about the daring adventures of this gunslinger. more>>
Perhaps you can't wait to hear the unique perspective of Titantic Officer, Charles Lightoller of the last days on that historic and fateful trip at sea! With amazing facts, ghost stories, and incredible details you won't read in any of your textbooks, call to find out more and let us help you bring history to life! more>>
VietNam has always been a controversial topic in history and media. Provide your students with a clearer picture of the facts about that war, with Viet Nam Advisor Col. Francis Kelly. Foster critical thinking and questioning skills, supported by a better understanding of the life and times. more>>
Global History Buff wants people to look at history as part of their past so they can help to make a better future! Become part of that experience by calling us today to hire your historical character for your next class, event or function.

Additional Characters Include:

Medieval Castle Architect :
Master James of St. George

Martin Luther (during the Reformation)
Russian Cossack feat. Playing a balalaika : Serge Pukachev
Wild West Gunfighter :
Col. Douglas Mortimer 1870’s

Titanic Officer :Charles Lightoller
VietNam Advisor : Col. Francis Kelly

Under Development:
Alexander the Great
The Red Baron
Francis Scott Key

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